• Guild Extracts THCa Isolate - Sacred Sour .5g (Sativa)


    Update January 1st, 2018:  Please note that California law now requires that we charge a 15% Cannabis Excise Tax. This in addition to the 9.5% State and local Sales Tax, so all purchases are now subject to 24.5% tax total.

    Sacred Sour has quickly become cherished by members and staff for it’s clear, euphoric effects. By uniting the heirloom genetics of Chemdawg Special Reserve, Sour Band, and Sour Diesel, this created an exceptionally bold and refined sativa. Sacred Sour’s bud structure is simply beautiful; characterized by a striking contrast of colors, from bright lime green, to deep emerald, an incredible amount of thick red hairs, and a few diamond like slivers of trichomes shining through. Aromatically, Sacred Sour is pungent and gassy, with a good amount of lemon. Flavor wise, the Sour Diesel in the lineage really comes through. The exhale of even the smallest hit fills the room with an intense earthy pine scent.

    Guild Extract's proprietary, patent-pending technology enables us to isolate high levels of THCa to create one of the purest extracts in the world: THCa Powder. 

    Due to its high level of refinement, most of the terpenes are separated out to yield a product that has a mild aroma but powerful effect. When smoked, THCa decarboxylates into delta9-THC and creates a powerful "high". But as a raw powder it can be ingested orally to experience its medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects.

    Potency: 90+% THCa

    Recommended use: Ingest orally (swallow with water), mix with raw cannabis, or dab