• Spray Tincture from Care By Design, 4:1 CBD:THC 100% organic—15 ml bottle (90 sprays)

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    Update January 1st, 2018:  Please note that California law now requires that we charge a 15% Cannabis Excise Tax.  This in addition to the 9.5% State and local Sales Tax, so all purchases are now subject to 24.5% tax total.

    Care by Design 4:1 CBD:THC 15 ml bottle (90 sprays)

    Ideal for fast relief and precise dosing. Available in 5ml and 15ml bottles (30 and 90 sprays/doses). Ingredients: Cannabis oil, coconut oil. 

    Care by Design is based in Sonoma County, and responsible for this product from "seed to sale"—meaning they grow, extract, decarboxylate, and bottle it in-house. All cannabis products are organically grown, extracted using the CO2 method and done in-house, and this medicine is made with organic coconut oil, which helps the body to absorb the CBD and THC content.  This medicine is recommended by a number of notable doctors here in northern California.

    These tinctures are sublingual sprays, that are sprayed under the tongue and held for 20 seconds before swallowing.  In this way, there are some effects from the medicine within 2-3 minutes, while the full potency is felt after 20-40 minutes, similar to an edible.

    These tinctures come in different strengths of CBD:THC, so can be chosen in function of your requirements.

    These sprays are safe to ingest, but can also be used as a topical remedy, for the skin, for the hair, or even as a massage oil

    Spray bottles come in two sizes, 5ml (30 sprays) and 15ml (90 sprays).  

    Feel free to ask us about Care by Design products!