Care by Design 100% Cannabis Oil / Applicator: 500mg CBD:THC 4:1 ratio, no additives


Ingredients: 500mg Supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil, in a ratio of 4:1 for its content of CBD:THC. This means approximately 400mg of CBD and 100mg of THC.  

This is pure cannabis oil in easy-to-use (syringe) applicators.This versatile oil can be used for dabbing, refilling (refillable) vape cartridges, cooking, baking, and applying topically on any unsightly bruises, cuts, or sores. 

Care by Design offers CBD-rich cannabis oil that is pure and lab tested to ensure the safest and highest quality medicine. Testing is done for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, as well as mold, bacteria and pesticides residue. Each applicator contains a consistent amount of active CBD for reliable dosing. All of Care by Design's CBD oil is extracted from local (northern California), sustainably grown cannabis.

Instructions: Orally and topically administered cannabis oil can be used as needed. For oral administration, start with a small amount. Try placing it near the gum in your mouth or mix with food or drink. Wait one to two hour to judge the effects. If you feel you need more, administer sparingly. When cooking, be sure that the ratio is exact and applicable to the size/amount of the dish you’re making or baking. For topical application, simply rub the oil into the affected area three times a day and bandage; you should see a noticeable difference, depending on the wound’s severity, in anywhere from a few days to a week. For topical administration, try mixing the cannabis oil with a small amount of olive or coconut oil to avoid possible irritation.