Founded December 2015

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Please note we are open 10-5 every day, except Monday, please call Jeff at 415-202-4085

UPDATE January 1,  2018

The new law in California segments the Cannabis business into several different categories.  For the purposes of the law, Marin Medicinal Cannabis (MMC) is a mutual benefit corporation and a nonprofit, formed under California law in December 2015 for the purposes of providing medical marijuana to members of its collective.  Please note that we remain a Medicinal Cannabis provider formed under the old law, and grandfathered which means able to conduct business until the end of 2018.  By the end of 2018 we have to obtain a state and local license or cease activity.  

We remain a medical marijuana collective and therefore you must have a valid medical recommendation and join our Collective in order to obtain medication.  

The new law governing cannabis businesses in California obliges us to announce the following changes:
1) in addition to California Sales Tax of 9.5%, we have to charge the new California Cannabis Excise tax, which is 15%.  This means all products are now taxed at a total rate of 24.5%,
2) we are no longer allowed to gift any articles
3) no samples are allowed (private tastings are permitted, but cannabis events require a Fairgrounds)
4) the daily limit for purchases is 8 oz/day for medical (it is 1 oz/day for Adult use)
5) all edibles must be divisible into maximum doses of 10mg THC (we will provide instructions explaining how to divide certain edibles for this purpose)

Thank you for your understanding, and for more information please consider these links:

We will update this website as additional information becomes available.

We are happy to discuss your needs, preferences, and experience.  We will attempt to help you identify the most appropriate cannabis products for your needs, and we can recommend products that are not psychoactive.

Also, if you need advice on getting a medical recommendation, please let us know.

Telephones open 10am - 5pm Tues-Sun, closed Monday

Delivery by appointment

Jeff: 415-202-4085

Note: HigherVeda granola bars now 15% off!

We really believe in medicinal cannabis, and our pure products provide the best means for medicating with this amazing plant.  Also, watch my blog, I am attempting to track down some of the science, and provide links to medical studies and articles that I think clarify what we are doing.

In addition to products up to 100% CBD or THC, we have specialized in offering non-psychoactive CBD products, with topical remedies that utilize THC, but are not psychoactive.

We recommend new members place first orders via the online store. Please do not hesitate to call us for guidance while viewing the online store. Note that you do not have to pay to submit your order/without pay. Payment is upon delivery, and only accept cash. 

We specialize in California's finest medicinal cannabis products.  Our criteria is high purity -- when possible, pharmaceutical grade, as is the case for Care by Design and Absolute Xtracts' products.  We do our best to only offer the best of what we find in the market, while trying to be sure to address all possible formats:  flower, vape, edibles, topicals, dabables, etc.

We are also following the evolution of the market, seeking purity first, but then innovation.  Lately, what we are seeing is an increased focus on blending cannabis with herbs, with the intention of creating a specific remedy or mood-enhancer.  As one very recent example, HMBLDT dose pens, a completely newly thought-out vape device that provides 200 exact doses, available in BLISS, PASSION, AROUSE, RELIEF, CALM and SLEEP.  Another great example is the Whoopi & Maya line of products (Whoopi Goldberg), which include RUB, SOAK, SAVOR, and RELAX.  One of our all-time favorites, and completely organic and delicious, is our granola bars by Swerve, which come in BUZZ, SNOOZE, and SNUGGLES.

As for innovations, the above all count, but so do super-pure products, such as our distillates, where our offering includes products by Old Timer.  This is extracted cannabis that is then triple-fractionally distilled.  This creates a very pure (over 90%), highly potent, highly flavorful distillate that can be dabbed, added to a joint or bowl.  These distillates all offer distilled terpenes, as well, with exception flavor profiles.

I really enjoy innovation, but only so long as it is accompanied with an eye on purity and quality, which is not the case for many products.  We reject approximately 20 products for every supplier we accept.

Our product offering reflects a selection based on strict criteria.  We only work with suppliers that stand behind their products, are intending to be licensed and permitted so they are around next year and thereafter, and ones that offer purity and quality.  And yes, we only offer products we test, and would use regularly.  Please note, we do occasionally discontinue suppliers for lack of quality, but our goal is to provide only products that, if they work for you, we can be sure to provide to you for years to come.

We also post closings and up-to-date hours on Yelp:  Yelp: Marin-Medicinal-Cannabis
and yes, free edibles for Yelp reviews, just call and let us know :)

Best wishes for your wellness, and don't hesitate to call:  Jeff 415.202.4085

About Our Collective

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”  - Rabindranath Tagore

My name is Jeffrey Grava and I am blessed and grateful today that I started this collective at the end of 2015.  My idea then was to provide a high level of service, meaning not just monitoring the phones and text messages, but providing product selectivity, product knowledge, and sharing experiences.  My model is that of owner-operator, and for the most part I am responsible for all of the interface with both Members and Suppliers.  I strive to bring you the best products in California, and only the best, accompanied by the best service I can muster, for all of Marin County.

I really like the idea of a Collective, and am here to see that we offer the medicine and the service our Members need.  I am always open to feedback, positive or negative!

I want to be your trusted, reliable, and friendly source for your medical marijuana needs.  I like to help solve issues and understand conditions, and where I can or where another Member had success, I will try to offer frank advice.  I will always explain as much as possible what this plant can or might do, and won't or can't do.  I will always remind you that everyone is different, and every individual's endocannabanoid system is different as well.  This means that each person will assimilate cannabis a little differently, and it is important that we discuss and look for your own specificities. 

New members, please allow a few minutes -- first delivery only -- and provide us a photo of your CA drivers license, medical recommendation.  It is also necessary that you sign our membership agreement, all as per Prop. 215 and SB 420.

We invite our members to think of MMC as your collective, and feel free to call or email comments on our service and offering.  For more information see "Our Story" or give us a call:

Members call or text 7 days, 10am - 5pm

Jeff: 415.202.4085

New Members are always welcome, please leave time to ask your questions and take the time to discuss your needs.  We consider part of our service to be the sharing of our experience and research, with all Members of the Collective.   We respect complete confidentiality, but we try to federate what we are learning.  This is, after all, the largest non, yes non-clinical trial in the history of the world.  Let's share, participate, critique, and learn together?  After all, it's a Collective, what else could that mean? Have a blessed day :)

Sincere and surprising results from Canna treatments -- see the  Patient Testimonials from Care by Design ( ... Patient Testimonials Care-by-Design