Swerve Snuggle Bites (hybrid) aphrodesiac snack, 200 mg per package


SNUGGLE BITES aphrodesiac snack by Swerve Confectons  200mg THC per package

Snuggle Bites reflects common knowledge and ancient wisdom that cannabis is a healthy sexual enhancer. The delicious recipe includes herbs that are used as 'aphrodisiacs' in Indian medicine to increase libido, as well as strengthen the body for greater fulfillment for both men or women. Medicators report that Snuggle Bites increases passion! Snuggle Bites is perfect for people who medicate to experience life more fully. Useful to remedy: hormonal imbalances, fatigue, PMS, and many sexual disorders. Ingredients 
(Organic in most instances): Coconut: Flakes, Flour, Sugar & Oil (medicated with hybrid organic cold water hash), Agave Syrup, CA Raw Honey, Sunflower Seeds, Milk Powder, Cacao Nibs, Pecans, Hemp Seed, Vanilla, Guar Gum, Shankha pushpi, Kapikkachu, Ashwaghanda, VIdariKanda, Maca, Beet Powder, Ginger, food-grade Rose Geranium & Rosewood Essential Oil, Rose Petals, Peruvian Pink Pepper. Garnish: Orange Peel.

Read about Swerve's founders Eden and Brian here: http://www.dopemagazine.com/swerve-snuggle-bites/