• Swerve Bubble Hash -- Tahoe OG (indica) 1g

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    Tahoe OG Cold Water Hash - 1g

    Swerve's hashinista is famous for saying "...there's an interesting thing happens when you make solvent-free Cold Water Hash for edibles from beautifully cultivated organic cannabis flowers. The byproduct is terpene-rich, meltable, dab-grade, natural hash!"

    These products deliver the highest potential of the cannabis plant; unadulterated by chemicals and with a full component of flavor, fragrance, and healing effects. They are smooth to smoke or vape. A connoisseur's dab. Exquisite rolled with tobacco or flowers. Potent and clean when vaped.

    Swerve's Hash, which is crumbly and easy to use, is made in small batches; strain and potency vary by the season. They are always high quality and packaged in glass.

    Read about Swerve's founders Eden and Brian here: http://www.dopemagazine.com/swerve-snuggle-bites/