Organic Jack Frost (sativa-dominant): Sun-grown, freshest available anywhere!


Jack Frost is a sativa-dominant, high-THC (up to 22.6%) strain—potent and a great value at this price. 

This flower is lovingly grown by a Green Grow Certified grower here in northern California, and is sweet and earthy, with a tang of citrus. Jack Frost comes from the Jack Herer, Northern Lights #5, and White Widow strains, then bred with Rainbow Kashmiri. It's known for its surge of euphoria, and relaxed-yet-energetic happiness. Patients suggest that this strain is excellent for migraines, pain, arthritis, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.  

This flower has all of nature's intended potency, and is grown without any chemicals, pesticides, and not even chlorinated water.

All product delivered in glass jars. Ask about our mix & match ounces—choose up to 4 different strains for no extra charge. (For example, take 2 strains x 1/4 ounce and pay the price for 1/2 ounce.... Or 2 x 1/2 ounce and benefit from the ounce price!)