Organic Grape Ape (indica): sun-grown, classic strain


This predominantly Indica-hybrid strain is perfectly reminiscent of that classic purple, grape-flavoured, trichome-encrusted sticky Bay Area-bred nugs that will stick you to your couch just as easily as it will lull you to a deep sense of calm and relaxation. A cross between Medocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani, don't let the scary, primate referencing name of the strain deter you from medicating with this precious flower. Patients who are seeking relief from pain, stress, and generalized anxiety and panic will especially benefit from this sweetly smelling and tasting floral gem.

For information about Indica versus Sativa, here is a CNN documentary on the subject: CNN: "Sativa vs. Indica: What's the difference?" 

This flower has all of nature's intended potency, and is grown without any chemicals, pesticides, using only rainwater.

All product delivered in glass jars. Ask about our mix & match ounces—choose up to 4 different strains for no extra charge. For example, take 2 strains x 1/4 ounce and pay the price for 1/2 ounce.... or 2 x 1/2 ounce and benefit from the ounce price.