Metamorphic Alchemy BOOST + THC Distillate, 1g (1000mg) Super-pure full-spectrum terpene, extremely potent


Boost + THC Distillate, 1g (1000mg), by Metamorphic Alchemy & Distillations

This amazingly pure and potent concentrate is fully activated and can be used in refillable vape pens, smoked, as topical or in edibles. Boost + THC Distillate is sativa dominant.

Metamorphic Alchemy distillates are a further purification of their cannabis oil—which is organically concentrated using only the purest ethanol, leaving behind a highly cannabinoid concentrated solvent-free oil rich with terpenes. Metamorphic Alchemy's revolutionary distillation process removes the remaining terpenes, as well as any undesirables, creating a nearly pure concentration of cannabinoids, virtually 100% CBD or 100% THC.  Metamorphic Alchemy makes distillates with and without terpenes.  This distillate is full terpene profile, and highly potent, to the touch, when consumed directly out of the glass syringe, or dabbed, smoked, vaped, or used to infuse flower.  Highly recommended for patients seeking extremely potent medicine.