Organic Mr. Nice (indica) Sun-grown, freshest available anywhere!


Mr. Nice is an indica dominant strain with a very smooth onset and a potent effect. This strain boasts euphoric effects while retaining clarity. One of the best varieties recommended for patients seeking relief from fibromyalgia, nausea, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, cancer, appetite stimulation and more. Mr. Nice is pleasant in the aroma and taste departments, aromatic, full and fresh.

Our Mr. Nice is sun-grown in northern California, using all organic farming methods, feel free to ask us.

All product delivered in glass jars. Ask about our mix & match ounces—choose up to 4 different strains for no extra charge. (For example, take 2 strains x 1/4 ounce and pay the price for 1/2 ounce.... Or 2 x 1/2 ounce and benefit from the ounce price!)