• hmbldt bliss™ dose pen | 9:1 THC:CBD | 200 doses


    hmbldt bliss™ dose pen | 9:1 THC:CBD | 200 doses

    THC% 66.5%
    CBD% 7.1%
    CBN% 2.0%
    Terpenes 12%


    hmbldt bliss™ is a THC-forward formula balanced in a 9:1 ratio with CBD complemented by stimulating terpenes - a- and β-pinene and terpinolene - to help you feel just the right amount of good. Over 200 doses of hmbldt bliss come in a preloaded hmbldt dose pen™ a recyclable* vaporizing device designed exclusively for hmbldt’s formulas featuring - precise dosage delivery (2.25MG per dose), airflow control and superior heating technology. hmbldt’s formulas are 88% cannabinoids and 12% terpenes - NO ADDITIVES OR FILLERS.

    *recycle your empty hmbldt dose pen™ and receive a $5 discount on your next purchase